Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free demo? Yes you can upload the Woomoby plugin via ‘add plugins’ and search for Woomoby. You can set up the plugin and view what it looks like before paying for it and submitting it to go live. You can actually play around with the app within your website, change colours, add your logo and change the layout. You can then go to ‘Preview App’ and click on products, go to cart etc so you can get a sense for how the app works before purchasing it. Do you have any live app demos? Yes we have several customers using our app, even though we are relatively new to the market! (we officially launched in January 2018).  You can check out (in the app store) “Live Paleo” or “Toddler Heaven” or “Mens World Online” to check out how it works live. How does the plugin/app work?  Is it a straight copy of my website? The Woomoby plugin copies everything including the payment gateway and products directly from your website.  It is live, so as you update your website, the app will also be automatically updated. How does it work? You download the plugin, pay for it, receive a license key and then you can edit the look and feel of the app within your website.  Once you are done, simply click on ‘send to app store’ and we submit the app to Apple iOS and Google Play (Android) via our developer account and you will be live on iOS and Android stores within 48 hours! Can it be used for a Word Press or Shopify website not using Woo Commerce? Unfortunately not, sorry!  It only works with Woo Commerce. What is the advantage of using Woomoby for my eCommerce store? Our Woomoby app converter turns your store into a shopping app so your customers can download the app and shop directly from it.  It sends push notifications, alerts and has been designed based on the top performing retailer apps to make purchasing online simple and streamlined.  It also shows your brand is forward thinking and technology savvy! What payment gateways does the app/plugin accept?   The app will function like your website so whatever payment gateway/s you have on your website, will be on the app. Can Woomoby recognize my Word Press users? Can all users simply purchase anything in the mobile shop without logging in? It functions as your website does, so yes it will recognise your Word Press users and they can login via “My Account”.  The app will function exactly like your website so they will need to create an account at checkout. Do you offer a discount? No we don’t discount the cost of our plugin.  Our price is competitive to others offering a similar service (but ours is better as its bug free! ;-)).  The cost of getting a mobile shopping app built from scratch costs $20,000 and up, so we feel $229 is a small price in comparison! Who will be the ‘publisher/developer’ listed on the app store? (us or you guys)? Yes our company will be listed as the developer, it will come up as Click Start Group as Woomoby is owned by Click Start Group. Can I have my company name listed as the developer on the app store? You can but you need to set up a developer account with Apple ($99 USD) and Google Play ($25) and you need to give us admin access to your account.  We also charge a small fee of $39 for this service to cover our time to do this for you. Are there any associated fees with Apple and/or Google for distributing our app through their app stores? No. There are costs we pay to Apple/Google when you purchase the app, but they don’t take a cut of your sales. How does Woomoby affect other plugins & the speed of the app? The plugin runs off your website, so if your website is slow, the app will run slow.  If there is a plugin conflict we can usually sort this out pretty quickly.  Just get in touch!